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ASCS Group

ASCS Group is a global human capital consultancy group based in the USA with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. It is organized as a network of individually owned and operated affiliate partners. ASCS is not a franchise rather a membership created by invitation and consent of the partnership. Membership in good standing requires strict adherence to a code of professional conduct and partnership. ASCS Group relies upon technology to unite the network of affiliated partners and to minimize general and administrative costs.

ASCS Group acts as the central first point of contact and identify the needs of each potential client. It quickly works with potential clients to gain preliminary approval of each executive search strategy and then matches client requirements with the best team and/or multi-disciplinary approach to insure there is no conflict of interest between team members. Upon client approval of the approach and proposed team, the Group and only then(and with client approval) passes the project to the team for its further handling. Depending upon client preference, the Group will remain as overall project manager during the search. All inquiries are handled in strictest confidence.